Meet the Labbits
(note: labbits appear in the order they were acquired)

sm_band_tmb.jpg (11529 bytes) sm_fushcia_tmb.jpg (10423 bytes) sm_plaid_tmb.jpg (11892 bytes) sm_brtgrn_tmb.jpg (10614 bytes) sm_creams_tmb.jpg (10735 bytes) sm_packB_tmb.jpg (11912 bytes) sm_bronze_tmb.jpg (10389 bytes)
Bandy Fuschia Tartan Mickey Orange Bowl Mr. Labbithead (5") Metallica
sm_bones_tmb.jpg (10575 bytes) sm_ltblue_tmb.jpg (10453 bytes) sm_gray_tmb.jpg (8761 bytes) sm_lav_tmb.jpg (9451 bytes) sm_rddots_tmb.jpg (11742 bytes) sm_bldots_tmb.jpg (11440 bytes) sm_glow_tmb.jpg (9951 bytes)
Skeletor Bluebie Graybeard Stinky Red Dots Blue Dots The Big Boy (10")
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Orange Zebra Zebra Orange Leopard Def Leopard Snake Gold Pimp Flock
(incl. Forest - 2nd from right)
Great White (10")
Easter Labbit.jpg (7695 bytes)
Easter Labbit Commie Minty Polka Mustard


Ketchup Grape Smiley Biker Labbit


Sharkey Mr. Labbithead, Jr.
Flames   Holiday Labbit (5") Lil' Gimp (5 pack) Mystery Labbit
(I ordered a labbit haven't opened the box yet)
Buzz new Jack new (he has the word "REDRUM" printed on his side) Bat new

Screen shot from a Sony Bravia television commercial featuring lots of labbits.  Click the photo or here to view the commercial.

The Labbits like to travel

Minty attends a "Go Green" themed Washington Nationals game
(the Nationals players wore green hats and there was lots of "green" propaganda during the game)

Bluebie in his smorkin element hanging out at a store on the island St. Maarten that sells Cuban cigars

This labbit has no name but he's rose-colored and he's pictured here in Roseau, the capital of the country Dominica

Bandy ready for trouble in Grenada but the country had recovered nicely in the 25 years since the invasion led by United States (Team America: World Police) that quashed a rebellion

Metallica at Rancho Notorius in Aruba

Goldie checking out the hardwood at a University of Arizona basketball game

Flames is the labbit to take on a hot air balloon ride

Goldie in front of the Biosphere 2 in Arizona

Mr. Labbithead sports his cowboy-style 'stache @ a dude ranch

Metallica checking things out at Summit Point Raceway in W.Va.
OnLocation/IMG_4114_sm.JPG (327865 bytes)
Snake nearly meets a lion
IMG_4178_sm.JPG (157560 bytes)

Smorkin sunset over the Gulf of Mexico

IMG_4200_sm.JPG (206060 bytes)

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip, that started from this tropic port, aboard this tiny ship, the mate was a mighty sailin' man, the Skipper a black smorkin labbit...

IMG_4243_sm.JPG (36608 bytes)
The mini smorkins in "Spectrum Formation"
IMG_3254.jpg (228354 bytes)
Mickey and Bandy in South Bend, IN at the Oct. 2006 Notre Dame - North Carolina football game
Mickey rooted for ND (he's Irish) and Bandy rooted for UNC (he got beat up by the Fighting Irish)
sm_IMG_3058.jpg (152316 bytes)
Mickey at the bottom of the Grand Canyon
sm_IMG_3125.jpg (87160 bytes)
Mickey halfway up the Grand Canyon
Kid_Robot.jpg (215241 bytes)
The Kid Robot store in NYC
Giant_Smorkin_Labbit.jpg (203713 bytes)
The largest Smorkin Labbit in the world
Asking price: $3,000
The Labbit's back is flattened so it's a stool
Smorkin_in_NYC.jpg (157459 bytes)
Mr. Labbithead and Bandy at "The Patriot" bar in New York City
IMG_3472.jpg (248954 bytes)
Happy Smorkin New Year 2007

Smorkin Brennan

Metallica Labbit at Tin City
IMG_3523.jpg (191559 bytes)
An orange smorkin labbit enjoying an Orange Fanta before the 2007 Orange Bowl
IMG_3535.jpg (279912 bytes)
Orange Bowl Smorkin relaxing in a cheapo lawn chair with a Miller High Life
IMG_3573 v2.jpg (300031 bytes)
Skeletor sports the Old Gold and Black of Wake Forest University at the Orange Bowl
Orange Bowl labbit is neutral and supports both teams by being orange
IMG_3729.jpg (226583 bytes)
Bluebie at the beach in the Bahamas
IMG_3743.jpg (347721 bytes)
Bluebie hangin in a hammock in the Bahamas
IMG_3770.jpg (227838 bytes)
Blue Dots getting ready to shoot some pool at Dave & Busters
IMG_3804.jpg (250453 bytes)

Metallica Smorkin all set to take off in his helicopter on Maryland's Eastern Shore

IMG_3805.jpg (219538 bytes)

Metallica going out for a spin in his Pontiac GTO

Georgetown University Smorkin Labbits_1.jpg (287177 bytes)
Bluebie and Graybeard enjoying a Georgetown University men's basketball game
(blue and gray are Georgetown's school colors)
Georgetown University Smorkin Labbits_2.jpg (293134 bytes)

The labbits requested, okay demanded, a higher perch to watch the game from

Phoenix Suns Game.JPG (255688 bytes)

Orange Bowl at a Phoenix Suns basketball game
(note how he fit in with the team's color scheme)

Cactus League Game.JPG (211521 bytes)

If it's spring, it's time for baseball.  Here's Fuschia labbit taking in a Cactus League game between the Oakland A's and the Chicago Cubs


About Smorkin' Labbits

People often ask me "what's the deal with your fascination with those smoking rabbits?"  After I politely clarify that they are referring to Smorkin Labbits, I explain that my friend Charlie gave me a Smorkin Labbit for my birthday because I like rabbits and happen to own a live rabbit as a pet.  I opened the box, then opened the foil wrapper and discovered a cute little bunny rabbit toy that also happened to be smoking a cigarette and needed a shave.   I have to admit that I really didn't understand what a Smorkin Labbit was at that point, but I knew that I liked the little guy.  Also included in the box was a small catalog that included cartoon representations of other Smorkin Labbits.  I searched the Internet to confirm the existence of these other Labbits and found pictures of them.  

Charlie had told me that he purchased the Smorkin Labbit from the quirky store Urban Outfitters.  For some odd reason, about one month went by before I visited Urban Outfitters in search of more Smorkin Labbits.   I decided to purchase two Smorkin Labbits: the first box I opened contained a fuschia Smorkin Labbit (fuschia's not my color but that was okay) and the second box I opened contained a Smorkin Labbit with a tartan or plaid pattern with no other markings (eyes, beard stubble).  That was the point of no return. 

The manufacturer/distributor of Smorkin Labbits is a company called Kid Robot that also specializes in other vinyl and plastic toys (apparently there is a whole world of vinyl and plastic toy collectors out there that I was unaware of).  As I mentioned above,Smorkin Labbits are sealed in foil and then packaged in a box.  Therefore, if you keep buying Smorkin Labbits blind, you will get duplicates.  My workaround was to find a store on eBay Stores called Les Collectibles that sells Smorkin Labbits after they are opened up.  They offer a discount on shipping when you buy multiple items so the price wasn't any worse than buying Smorkin Labbits at a store.

In early December 2006, I returned to Urban Outfitters looking for more Smorkin Labbits and learned that all of their stores had sold out of the 1.5 inch Smorkin Labbit and all they had in stock were the Labbits with four interchangeable props.  Needless to say, I panicked and bought up all the remaining Smorkin Labbits from Les Collectibles and for the coup de gras, I purchased the 10 inch glow-in-the-dark Smorkin Labbit from a comics store in Baltimore.

Here's a family photo of my Smorkin Labbits as of December 2006

Smorkin_Labbits_Dec_2006.jpg (214442 bytes)

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