Helping you survive working in a cube.  Every day.

Cubicle Survival Kit Deluxe

This Kit includes the Marsona 980 Sound Screen sound conditioner.  Marpac Corporation is the leading manufacturer of "white noise" machines for personal use and the Sound Screen is the most popular sound conditioner available.    The "980" is American-made, compact (5.75" wide and 3.25" high), lightweight (1.5 pounds) and durable (made of ABS plastic).  The unit delivers a steady sound of rushing air which can be adjusted by selecting the high or low speed setting, or by rotating the cap or the collar of plastic housing.  Many people also use this model to help block out noises while they sleep.   Plus, there's an ample eight-foot power cord.   Sound Screen is a registered trademark of Marpac Corporation.
Click Here for info on the Marsona 980 on Marpac's website.

Note: This machine retails for $56.95 but you get it along with the entire Cubicle Survival Kit Deluxe for only $54.99! 
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Cubicle Survival Kit Basic

This Kit includes a 6", two-speed adjustable (up/down) fan (the blade rotates clockwise in case you're wondering - except in Australia).  Stylish and clean color goes with any office decor.  Just put this compact fan on a shelf or nearby on your desk pointed away from you and you're all set.  Plus, you can point the fan in the direction of any offending odors for a little relief.  It's also handy to have around when the air conditioning compressors in your office invariably break down on the hottest day of the Summer.


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