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Cubicle Survival Kit Est. 2002

Do you sit in a cubicle?  Are you distracted and/or annoyed by the amount of noise in your working environment?  Do you hate it when people creep up behind you without you knowing when you're sitting at your desk?  Do you feel like you have no privacy at work?  Wouldn't you rather have an office with a window?

Salvation is here ... in the form of the Cubicle Survival Kit (R).   Here's what is included (all items are new): 

This is what the box looks like

White Noise Makers
White Noise Maker:  This key part of the Kit will help drown out the deafening sounds the distract you all day long and interfere with your concentration and ability to do work.   This provides just the right amount of noise blocking so you can just turn it on and forget about it.  The white noise maker takes the form of either a small table fan when you order Cubicle Survival Kit Basic or a top-of-the-line adjustable "sound screening" machine when you order Cubicle Survival Kit Deluxe.   I can honestly say from personal experience that the sound screening machine is worth the extra investment.
Not included in the Cubicle Survival Kit Light!
wedgemirror.jpg (3459 bytes) Wide-Angle Rear View Mirror: This rear view mirror goes on the front of or on top of your monitor and enables you to see what's going on behind you. This mirror has a sufficient scope of vision to give you the ability to spot anyone before they creep up behind you.  
"I'm busy" Sign
"I'm busy.  Go away." Sign: A Cubicle Survival Kit EXCLUSIVE! You know what it's like.  You're on the telephone or speaking with someone in your cube and someone wants to speak with you ... and they just stand there waiting for you to become available.  This sign has two messages: "I'll stop by" intended for your boss and other muckity mucks who you want to quickly assure that you'll  stop to see them as soon as you can and "Come back later" is intended for everyone else who you want to inform that you're busy and that you'd appreciate it if they stopped looming in front of your cube.  The sign will help you dispatch these visitors to your cube expediently and politely without the need to interrupt your conversation.  Also, when the HVAC system in your office goes out in the middle of the summer, this sign makes a great hand fan.
E*A*R Group Earplugs Ear Plugs: Six pair of earplugs will provide an extra level of noise blocking when you need it and each pair comes in its own disposable carrying case.  These plugs are rated to block noise up to 29 decibels (that's loud).  Plus, they aren't bright orange or green like some other ear plugs so it won't look like you have bubble gum in your ears.  When combined with the white noise machine, the earplugs do a great job of giving you some peace and quiet.
View from an actual office! Office View Poster: A Cubicle Survival Kit EXCLUSIVE! I can't give you an office as part of the Kit, but I can give you an 11" x 17" faux window to hang up in your cube to pretend you have an office.  You've got to do whatever you can to keep your sanity.  The view won't ever change but don't let that keep you from enjoying the scenery.  Download a free electronic version of this window to be your computer wallpaper (select 800 x 600 or 1024 x 768 resolutions).   Click the right button on your mouse and select "Set as Wallpaper".
This is what a clothespin looks like.  People actually used these before washing machines became widely available. Clothes Pin: Okay, it's too painful to actually use this to protect you from the unwelcome odor of smelly foods located nearby in your cube farm, but leave this on your desk and people who ask about it will get the hint that their stinky grub is quite offensive.


Also: There are other items that you can have added to the Kit, for just a little more money.  Go to the ORDER page for more information.

  Dilbert Mousepadcube-a-door-t.jpg (5040 bytes)cube-a-scope-t.jpg (2533 bytes)Office Space

Buy one for yourself!   Go ahead, you deserve it. 

Also, it makes a great gift!   Examples include:

Graduation Gift: Looking for a unique gift this graduation season?  The Cubicle Survival gift is perfect for that new entrant into the workforce who is probably not ready for the dynamics of cube existence.

Gag Gift: Is there someone in your office who is always griping about sitting in a cube?  Chip in and get him or her the Cubicle Survival Kit as a gag gift.  It will generate lots of laughs and the recipient will actually appreciate it.

Ordering the Cubicle Survival Kit provides you with a one stop solution to your cubicle frustrations.   Sure, you can find some of these items on your own, but I've assembled the best items in the kit.  Plus, you won't have to spend your valuable "outside of the cubicle" time tracking down some of the components of the kit and don't forget, some parts of the kit are only available with the Cubicle Survival Kit (the "I'm Busy" sign and the faux window poster).   Spread the word to your fellow cube dwellers and friends!

It even arrives in its own cube-shaped box!  Make sure to check out this entire site.  The Cube Guy has a lot in store for you.

Order your Cubicle Survival Kit now!

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