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Are you kidding?  This site can't even support one person.


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We are currently seeking an intern to work on a volunteer basis.

In this role, you will assist the Cube Guy in all his website-related activities as well as some non-website-related activities. Responsibilities will be vague and vary from day to day depending on the heat and the humidity (a.k.a. the "humiture").

Candidates must possess a solid understanding of all TLAs (three letter acronyms) that may be tossed about during the day and an extensive knowledge of the challenges and aggravations of working in a cube.  Candidates must be able to clearly communicate either in verbally or in writing (both is a plus) to all levels of management.  A keen focus on detail, financial modeling skills and the ability to work as part of a collaborative team are unnecessary in this position.

Doctorate degree in an appropriate field and relevant work experience is preferred, any education or work experience is desired, hell, I'll take anybody.

Job Duties:


Interested candidates should submit a resume with salary requirements to:

Cubicle Survival Kit is an Equal Opportunity Employer (as long as you work for free).